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We Buy All Brands of The Cars & Other Automobiles

If you are looking for an Auckland based scrap recycling car removal company, look no further than Auckland Wreckers, as we are Auckland’s top car removal company. And you need not stress yourself over whether or not we’ll take your particular brand of car. The fact of the matter is we love cars so much that no brand is underneath us and we will gladly pay you cold hard cash for cars of any brand whatsoever. Whether your vehicle has been the victim of an accident or the march of time, we are keen to buy it off you, regardless of its model or make.

Korean Car Wreckers

Is your junk car a Korean brand? Maybe it’s a Daewoo. Or perhaps it’s a Kia. Either way we will most definitely pay sweet cash for it. We love Hyundai cars, and SsangYong are a model we just can’t forget. All cars are important in this world, and we are in the business of wrecking every one of them.

We Wreck European Cars

Just for argument’s sake, say you have a European car that is currently out of commission due to it needing repairs that cost more than it is worth. Whether it’s an Opel, or BMW, or Peugeot, or Rolls-Royce, Skoda or Rover, we want all European Cars. Volkswagen, Saab, Triumph, and Audi needn’t feel excluded for any reason.
If you have one of these or any other European car for that matter sitting in your garage rusting away, make haste and call us today – 0800 101 514.

Auckland based Japanese Wreckers

Junk cars are selfish users of important space, space that could be used to store things that aren’t useless. It doesn’t matter where the junk car is from, we will buy it off you. This rule applies to Japanese cars along with all the others. Japanese cars like Suzuki, Lexus, Subaru, Isuzu, Mazda, Toyota and Honda. If you were unsure of whether to call us because your car is Japanese please feel reassured that we will remove that car from your property free of charge and pay top dollar for it.

American Cars need wrecking too

Don’t be shy about contacting us if you’ve got an American car that has reached its end of life stage and needs correct disposal. We will wreck and recycle that American car no worries. Whether that car happens to be a Ford, or a Chrysler, even a Tesla, we will take it. And we do not forget General Motors cars either, like the Chevrolet. Give us a call and we will take that American car to our wrecking yard for you.

Classic Auto wreckers

Classic cars can be junk cars too, and when that happens, it is important that it is recycled correctly for the good of the environment. Whether it’s a Mercedes Benz, or a Citroen, a Chevrolet classic model, it doesn’t matter as we will gladly take it off your hands and replace it with cold hard cash to make your day.
Regardless of brand or make, if you are requiring faster and stress-free removal of a junk vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us at 0800 101 514. Free cash quotes are available.

Don’t delay, Call Us Today Ph No: 0800 101 514

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