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Planning to buy a new car, but out of budget? Well, your old car can help. Yes, you can sell your old, unwanted vehicle to Scrap Cars and use the recouped money to buy a new one. 

Scrap Cars are one of the popular car wreckers in Napier, New Zealand, offering top cash for cars. There may be thousands of reasons you want to sell your car for cash. It has become outdated; the repairs don’t last as expected, it has low fuel efficiency and many more. So, if you are tired of your vehicle, then we are here to help. Scrap cars give you top cash for your vehicle!

We have highly experienced auto appraisers in the team who perform a pre-evaluation of the vehicle. Our experts thoroughly examine every electrical and mechanical component. Based on our findings, we offer top cash for cars quotes for your vehicle you won’t deny! With years of experience in the industry, we know the market prices and our vast network helps us to offer the highest cash for cars price. 

Plus, our services come with free car removal. So, why wait? Get instant cash for car from industry experts. Call now!

Cash for Cars Napier

Most individuals underestimate the value of a car. Your old, unwanted car is not as bad as you think. Despite the issues it has, it can earn you extra cash! Wondering how? Well, sell it to us. 

Scrap Cars value every vehicle and offer top cash for cars irrespective of their size, condition, make, model and manufacturing year. Be it an accidental car or a vehicle without registration, our car wreckers Napier crew gives top cash for your vehicle. 

Our cash for cars Napier staff gives you the flexibility to schedule the date, time, and location that is convenient for you. We make the process simpler by coming to your place, so you don’t need to waste your time and money. If you agree on the quoted price, we pay you on the spot. Our experienced staff handles everything from start to finish.

So, get instant cash for cars without any hassle! Call us now.

Scrap Car Removal Napier With Free Pick Up

A popular name for cash for cars service, Scrap Cars is also known for free car removal. We understand how difficult it is to maintain an outdated car. A junk car sitting in the garage develops rust which results in unhealthy surroundings. The vehicle starts to deteriorate and lose its value. 

Before it becomes a menace and brings fines from local authorities, it is best to hire a car removal service. Scrap Cars is a top company in Hawkes Bay, helping car owners with free car removal service. Yes. You read it right. Our car removal is free of cost. We know it’s highly inconvenient to tow an immovable car. Thus, we use our fleet of tow trucks to transport your unwanted vehicle. 

We come prepared with all the straps, trucks and lifts to load your vehicle and tow it away for free! So, if you need a free car removal service in Napier, then call us now!

Sell Used Cars, Van, and Trucks Dead or Alive Any Conditions

There are a range of road vehicles available in the market. And, if we limit our services only to cash for cars and removals, then there is a significant portion left behind. Trucks, Utes, Vans, 4WD will make their way to the landfill. Being a responsible cash for cars service out there, we at Scrap Cars buy vehicles of all kinds in addition to cars. 

So, if you have a fleet of trucks, Vans or 4WDs that no longer serve your purpose, then sell it to us. Scrap Cars will offer you top cash for car and also arrange a free car removal. 

We recycle your unwanted vehicles by taking out the functional parts and then wrecked them at our expansive scrapyard. Connect with us today!

Get Free Quotes for Car Removal in Napier

Having an old, used and unwanted car is an eyesore. You can’t drive it, and its presence makes the place look unappealing. Scrap Cars offers you an optimal solution to get rid of that junk piece of metal and get top cash for cars in return! 

We have a dedicated team of trained drivers, experienced auto appraisers and managers who handle all the car removal and buying processes. Once you schedule a visit, our experts will come to your place and confirm the vehicle identity as described over the call. If all goes right, we pay instant cash at the moment. No questions asked.

What’s more, you don’t need to deal with any other towing service as we offer free car removal service. So, why wait? Call us now for a free quote!

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