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Get top cash for cars in Bay of Plenty by connecting with industry experts!

Scrap Cars are one of the leading car wreckers in Bay of Plenty, offering the highest cash for old unwanted car. So, if you have a junk car that is no longer roadworthy and rotting in your garage, then turn it into hard cash by selling it to us. We are the top auto appraisers in the region who estimate the true worth of your vehicle and pay cash for your unwanted vehicle on the spot. 

With years of experience in the industry, we know how good the material produced by the manufacturer is. The density and thickness of the body material, the mechanical components, the electrical units, the engine parts, we look and estimate the value of every item and quote a price that you will never refuse. Yes. You read it right. We understand the value your vehicle holds and pay a good amount of money because we want lasting customer relationships and not a one-time settlement.

Plus, our skilled professionals look after all the paperwork, making the car buying and selling process straightforward. If you want to sell your car, then make the right choice and select Scrap cars. We offer instant cash for cars and pick up your vehicle for free. 

Scrap Car Removal Bay of Plenty

Trusted car removals in Bay of Plenty!

If your unwanted car is sitting in the garage for years, it might be a risk to the environment. A scrap car or junk car develops a rustic smell that is unhealthy and may lead to serious respiratory problems. Moreover, fluid leaks can damage the garage floorings, which are expensive to repair. Thus, an ideal solution is to sell your vehicle for cash and get it removed from the property. 

Scrap Cars is a recognised company in Bay of Plenty that can offer cash for your car irrespective of its condition. Whether your car is accidental or completely wrecked, we make the required arrangements for car removals and tow it away for free! 

Our trained professionals make the car removal service as convenient as possible. We have all the well-maintained tools, safety equipment and towing trucks at our disposal that assist in safe car removal and transportation of the vehicle to our scrap yard. 

So, if you are searching for top car wreckers in Bay of Plenty to sell your car for top cash and free car removals, then we got you covered. We offer free removal and top cash on the spot!

Get Top Cash for your Junk Cars Bay of Plenty

Earn Top cash for cars in Bay of Plenty!

If you are planning to sell your car, no place is better than Scrap Cars. We offer cash for cars in Bay of Plenty, accepting models of various makes and models. Our business relies on the aspect to deliver car owners the maximum benefits of their old, used, wrecked cars. We understand that the vehicle is not roadworthy, and the prices you will get if you sell it for scrap are very unfair. 

Thus, our cash for cars service is an optimal solution for car owners who want to get rid of their old vehicle. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable auto appraisers come to your place and inspect the condition of your car. We look at all the mechanical and electrical components and engine parts that add value to your car and offer the best cash for cars quote you will get in the region. Why? Because we have been in the business for years and are aware of the Auckland used car market. We know the quality difference between a Toyota and a Nissan. We know the resale value difference between an Audi and BMW. Our knowledge and experience allow us to distinguish between various parameters. 

So, get the best cash for cars in Bay of Plenty service from recognised wreckers. Call Scrap Cars today. 

Sell Used Cars, Van, and Trucks Dead or Alive Any Conditions

Finding a reliable car buyer for an old, used car is a challenging job! There are only a few individual buyers who accept an old car. And, if it is accidental, then the chances of sale reduces to zero. However, Scrap Cars in Bay of Plenty are the top car wreckers who offer top cash for cars no matter what the size, condition, make, or model of your vehicle is. 

Whether it is a Van or UTE, or you want to sell a truck or an SUV, Scrap Cars is the name you can rely on for top cash for cars service. Our auto appraises meticulously examine the vehicle so that every part that adds to the value gets inspected. We accept cars from Korean, Japanese, European, American and other manufacturers worldwide. So, do not worry about the sale of your car; we have got you covered. 

We are ready to buy all makes and models. We specialise in Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, BMW, Kia, Daewoo, Hyundai, Rolls-Royce, Skoda, Rover, Volkswagen, Saab, Triumph, Suzuki, Lexus, Subaru, Isuzu, Mazda, Chevrolet and many more. 

So, earn top cash for cars and get free car removal service from reliable Auckland wreckers. Call Scrap Cars today. 

Why should you sell your Scrap car to Us?

Only an experienced car wrecker knows the value of a vehicle. They have automotive knowledge and experience working in the used market. So, it is wise to sell your car to a recognised company with a name in the market. 

Highest Price Quote: Our automotive knowledge and experience enable us to quote the maximum price for your car you will find anywhere in Auckland. So, you can sell your car at the best prices. 

Instant Payment: Once you are happy with the deal, we pay top cash on the spot! Yes. You get instant cash at the moment with no delays. 

Any make or model: We respect every brand and accept vehicles of all sizes irrespective of the make, condition and brand. 

Manage All the Paperwork: We take the hassle out of your mind and manage all the paperwork to ensure a smooth and straightforward transaction. 

So, make the right choice and earn top cash for your car by selling it to us. Call us now!

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