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Are you spending your hard earned money and valuable time at the mechanic’s shop? Is your car not functioning as expected? Well, if that’s so, it’s high time you should sell your car for cash. An old car with obsolete parts has a high-maintenance value, and you might spend more on its repair than the overall value. So, the best option is to sell it and use the amount to buy a new one. 

Scrap Cars are one of the leading car wreckers who offer top cash for cars in Wellington. Whether you have unwanted cars in your garage, a used one or a completely wrecked one, we can buy all unwanted vehicle types. Your trash car is our treasure. So, if you want to sell your unwanted scrap car, we got you covered. 

Our highly skilled auto appraisers come to your place, so you don’t need to go anywhere. We arrive at the desired location and inspect your vehicle. After a thorough evaluation, we quote the price of your unwanted vehicle that you will not find anywhere else. Once approved, we offer top cash for cars in Wellington on the spot. 

So, sell your unwanted cars hassle-free in Lower Hutt and surrounding areas by having the best cash for cars Wellington crew by your side. Scrap Cars promise the best prices, quick services and free car removal!

So, what are you waiting for? Call Wellington Cash for Cars experts and make the best deal!

Get Cash for Cars in Wellington – Any Make, Any Model & Any Condition

We are the cash for cars Wellington crew who accepts all sorts of an unwanted vehicle and scrap cars.

At Scrap Cars, we focus on making the car buying process safer, more convenient and straightforward. Thus, we do not limit ourselves on what the car make, model or condition is. Whether it is partially damaged, wrecked, used or unwanted, whatever the state is, we buy it all. 

We accept all models of Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Nissan, BMW, Holden, Honda and many more. Whether it is an American make or a Japanese model, we offer instant cash for cars in Wellington. 

What’s more, we also help individuals looking for reliable car wreckers in Wellington to sell their accidental car. We have experienced and trained professionals who perform a background check of the vehicle before making the purchase. If everything is fair and legal, we put the best price on the table and pay instant cash for car at the moment. No questions asked. 

So, sell your car to reliable car buyers in Wellington and Lower Hutt and get free car removal service. From scrap car to junk and used car, we buy all types of cars in Wellington. 

Scrap Cars Removal Wellington

Get free car removal in Wellington and Lower Hutt!

If you have a car sitting in your garage, taking up space, then get it removed from reliable car wreckers in Wellington and Lower Hutt- Scrap Car. A leading name for car removal service, offering top cash for used cars. Scrap Car has a stellar record of transporting damaged, used and unwanted cars for free across Auckland and surrounding areas. We understand that you want your surroundings to be clean and help you remove those damaged vehicles before they rot. 

A car consumed with rust is unpleasant to the eyes and creates a foul smell in the air. That means it not only depreciates its value but also ruins your property look. A neglected car in the backyard might even become a habitat for rodents and insects, which you never wish for. Thus, the best solution is to get it lifted from car removalists experts. 

At Scrap Cars, we have dedicated vehicles with inclined ramps to load your wrecked vehicle. With wheels or without wheels, no matter what your car’s condition, we can lift it and free up your space for a new car. 

So, what are you waiting for? Hire our experts today!

Free Quote and Pickup for Your Vehicle

Is your car not roadworthy enough? Are you tired of repairing it? Well, the best option is to sell it and buy a new one rather than wasting your money on ineffective repairs. At Scrap Cars, we help car owners get rid of their old, damaged vehicle and earn hard cash in return. 

We are one of the recognised car wreckers, offering services across Auckland, Wellington, Lower Hutt and surrounding areas. Whatever your car model, type or condition is, there is nothing that we can’t agree upon. From accidental cars to obsolete models, we buy it all.

Our experienced car wreckers come to your office or home, whatever suits you the best, and then quote the highest price possible. So, do not delay any further and call us now for a free quote. For detailed information, connect with us via contact form. 

Why You Can Sell Your Car for Cash to Us?

Selling an old, used car to a novice buyer is a challenging task. First, you have to explain the vehicle history, and then you struggle to get the desired selling price. Moreover, if it is an accidental car, the chances of getting it sold are low. But, when you have Scrap Cars by your side, selling an old car is a piece of cake. 

We have a proven track record in paying the most for old unwanted vehicles because:

Experience: Our team has highly experienced professionals in the team who are aware of all the vehicle technologies and systems. We know which brand has a good resale value and which not. Our experience enables us to quote the best price for your car. 

Inspection: We inspect your vehicle before making a purchase. This ensures that if there are any working components, we will pay for them, unlike other car wreckers who just neglect the importance of specific car parts. 

Highest Price: Scrap Cars is known for its highest price quote. Yes, we estimate the best price for your vehicle that will compel you to sell the vehicle right at the moment. 

Instant Cash: We do not make delays in the payment. Once you agree upon the estimated price, we hard cash on the spot!
Free Removal: Our Cash for car service is coupled with free removal, so you save more.

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