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Locations – Our Service Areas in Auckland

We, at scrap cars, have created a vast network over the entire top half of the North Island of service locations. We have to, otherwise, too many people would be without our industry-leading expertise in the area of car removal and recycling. And this would be bordering on being a crime, and the last thing we want is that. So in the interests of helping people everywhere, we have set up locations from Northland to the Bay of Plenty.

North Shore

Certainly one of the more beautiful places in New Zealand. One thing the North Shore doesn’t need is junk vehicles littering all the properties.

If you have a junk vehicle and have the desire to dispose of it properly for the good of the community don’t even hesitate for a minute. Get on that phone and call us for free removal and top cash.


Do you love cash? Do you live in Avondale? Do you have a vehicle? Is that vehicle in need of serious repairs whose cost would total up to more than you would get if you sold it to a car removal company? If you answered yes to all those questions, you need to ring Wreckers Auckland and have them come around and combine your love of cash with the desire you have to get rid of the vehicle that doesn’t work anymore.

New Lynn

If you are a resident of New Lynn and you have a scrap automobile you will surely be overjoyed that Wreckers Auckland haven’t forgotten about you.

The service they provide to owners of unwanted, old and wrecked vehicles extends to the folk of New Lynn, and to a lot of people this will come as a huge relief because Wreckers Auckland is known to be the best around. Give them a call.


The problem of having a scrap car doesn’t just affect people that don’t live in Papakura. It also affects people that do live there. Don’t let the existence of junk vehicles get you down. They can easily be disposed of in a clean, environmentally friendly way by us, Wreckers Auckland. We have the skills needed to get this job done, and the removal is free. Not only that, but we will pay cold hard cash. Call us today!


Having a scrap car is never easy. The good news is that the best solution to having a scrap car also involves getting money. How is this possible? Call Wreckers Auckland and find out. We offer free car removal as well as cash for cars. Regardless of make, model or condition, we buy old unwanted vehicles from people. Call us at 0800 101 514 and take advantage of our expertise today.


Yet another place that Wreckers Auckland provides their leading Car Removal services is the Northland area. We are proud to be able to come to your place of residence and offer cash plus free removal of your old junk vehicle. It’s easy, stress free and well worth it. Call us at 0800 101 514 and take advantage of our expertise today!

West Auckland

Wreckers Auckland provides services to areas all over Auckland, and West Auckland is, of course, no exception to this rule. The policy of free removal and top cash for anyone with a vehicle that no longer serves as a transport machine stands. Call us at 0800 101 514 and take advantage of our skills and experience.


Once of the great things about living in Waitakere has to be the fact that Wreckers Auckland operates their services there. You needn’t worry about what to do with that old and nasty scrap car, taking up valuable space in your garage or back yard. Give Wreckers Auckland for top cash and free junk car removal 0800 101 514. We take all makes, models, vehicle types and conditions.

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