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Vehicles We Accept for Wrecking

Cars aren’t the only vehicle out there. And no-one knows this more than Wreckers Auckland. It’s just plain wrong to exclude such great vehicle types as the Utes, 4×4’s, Jeeps, Trucks and Vans from being wrecked, otherwise there’d be junk trucks and Utes litters all our suburban streets, making a huge mess. If you have a non-car vehicle lying about your property, collecting rust and really want to dispose of it correctly today is your lucky day because we’ll take it. And we’ll do it free of charge, throughout Auckland.

Auckland Truck Wreckers

Do you have a scrap vehicle that falls under the general definition of “truck”? You will probably be wanting to dispose of it. Waste no time at all and get on the phone to call us at Wreckers Auckland, because we want to wreck that truck and put it through the recycling process that it deserves. It really doesn’t matter if it is an Isuzu, a Fuso, we will also take Hino trucks, Volvo trucks and Nissan trucks as well. We will even remove it for free.

Just call us at 0800 101 514 and we’ll give you a free no obligation quote. Up to $8999 cash for all commercial vehicles including trucks.

Vans need wrecking too

It would be wrong to exclude vans from the good times that we provide all vehicles here in Wreckers Auckland. Recycling is a process that all cars deserve at the end of their careers, and this is no less true for vans. If you own a minivan, a caravan or a panel van and that vehicle are no longer roadworthy, we will remove it free of charge. And don’t worry about whether it’s a Toyota, Mazda, Mitsubishi or any other make.

Call us at 0800 101 514 and we’ll lift that burden from your shoulders.

4WD wreckers in Auckland

It’s always sad when a good 4×4 becomes too costly to run. They are handy vehicles to have around. Just not if they have reached the junk phase of their life cycle. When this happens, you need to ring Wreckers Auckland to come and take the vehicle via their free removal service.

Is it a Toyota Land Cruiser? We will take it. Oh, it’s actually a Prado? Don’t worry, we love Prado’s! Holden’s, Colorado’s, Nissan Navara’s, Ford Rangers are all greeted with smiles of pure joy here at Wreckers Auckland. Pick up that phone and dial these magic numbers: 0800 101 514. We will give a free quote for your troubles.

Let's not Forget Utes, SUV's & Jeeps

These vehicles have no right to sit around doing nothing all day at your place of residence. If they won’t work give them the boot. And as we all know Wreckers Auckland is the team to do the job of booting them. No vehicle is excluded from our wrecking expertise, be they a Renegade, Patriot, Grand Cherokee, Compass, or Wrangler, call 0800 101 514 and we’ll be around in a jiffy, making that problem go away once and for all, and we’ll even pay you.

Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself because there seems to be no solution to the junk truck, van or Ute messing up your property. Call our number at 0800 101 512 and take advantage of our top cash for cars & free removal offer today. We pay top dollar.

Don’t delay, Call Us Today Ph No: 0800 101 514

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